MacUpdate Flooded by Spam Suggesting Chinese Product Website


TOKYO (MacHouse) – If you are a Mac user, you should have heard of a web site called MacUpdate. It’s a very popular web site where you can browse Mac software titles. This web site appears to be currently flooded by Chinese spam. If you enter the information page for a software title called ACLr8, you will see a suspicious site advertisement there. (See Screenshot 1.) This site advertisement is posted by someone who goes by the name of Xiao Mimjj. If you click on his or her icon, you will see the same site advertisement over at least ten applications. (See Screenshot 2.)

MacUpdate spam
Screenshot 1
  MacUpdate spam
Screenshot 2

The web site sponsoring this spam advertisement seems to be run by a Chinese vender. Their web site is located at And its domain registration form suggests that they are from China.

VersionTracker Caught by Spam Comment Ads

anti spam

TOKYO (MacHouse) – If you read news through CBS Interactive websites including CNET News and CBS News, you may have seen comments where spammers advertise theirs or their client’s products. These days, Asian online merchants appear to hire career spammers to launch an aggressive ad campaign to sell bags, shoes and other name-brand products, targeting CNET visitors. Oh, wait… Isn’t VersionTracker part of CNET group, too? That’s right. VersionTracker, a popular Mac-related website, has also been part of CNET group since August, 2007. So it is possible that you may see the same kind of spam ads at VersionTracker, right? At least, that’s what Screenshots 01 and 02 show.   Continue reading

Did FreeMacWare Develop mBrowser?

Mac freeware mBrowser

TOKYO (MacHouse) – Several days ago, I used Google to see if people used our latest software application called mBrowser. A search result showed that a website hosted at the domain of freemacware introduced it. (See Screenshot 01.) And I went there. I immediately noticed that there was something wrong with the way they introduced mBrowser.

Mac freeware mBrowser
Screenshot 01 – Source: Google
  Mac freeware mBrowser
Screenshot 02 – Source: FreeMacWare

Screenshot 02 shows the webpage where FreeMacWare introduces mBrowser. So what is wrong with this picture? We don’t know what this icon is. It’s not ours. But they’ve given their own icon to mBrowser. Oh, who developed mBrowser, anyway? The website doesn’t even mention it. Nonetheless, if you read what’s written there, it does sound like it’s our product. So it does look like FreeMacWare claims they’ve developed it except that we did. Even the README file packed in the downloaded file from their website says we MacHouse developed it. (See Screenshot 03.)   Continue reading

Canadian Mac User Stalks MacHouse Over Little Disc+

anti spam

TOKYO (MacHouse) – The Internet became a dangerous place a long time ago partly because of its anonymous nature. And some people seem to be willing to go all the way because they think their identity is sealed.


One such example is a Mac user who goes by the name of MACTECHHEAD at MacUpdate. MACTECHHEAD posted a negative review on Little Disc+, our No.1 selling Mac software title, at MacUpdate back in August. This Mac user mentioned some keywords such as


Let’s remember them. At the same time, we found the exactly same negative review on the same product at VersionTracker. It’s posted by a person who calls himself/herself Born Yesterday.   Continue reading

Briefly: Creative COW (CREATIVECOW.NET) Spam-Profile-Attacked

anti spam

TOKYO (MacHouse) – Creative COW is a popular destination for those who have questions about video editing and those who share ideas and tips. It’s not really our intension to find out how popular their website is, though. (Screenshot 01 shows the index page of Creative COW’s website.)

Creative COW Conseco Life Insurance affiliate spam
Screenshot 01 – Source: Creative COW
  Creative COW Conseco Life Insurance affiliate spam
Screenshot 02 – Source: MacHouse
  Creative COW Conseco Life Insurance affiliate spam
Screenshot 03 – Source: Creative COW

More than 10 hours ago, an affiliate criminal circulated a spam comment around blogs and forums to advertise junk websites implicating Conseco Life Insurance. (See Screenshot 02-3.)  Continue reading