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Mozilla has updated the second popular web browser for Mac. This minor update fixes several vulnerabilities. These security fixes include “XUL Popup Spoofing,” “XSS using addEventListener” and “Path Abuse in Cookies.” Click on the button for Firefox 2 security fixes.

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DivX Pro 6.7 for Mac Quick Overview

So what are major changes in DivX Pro 6.7 for Mac? If you haven’t updated your DivX encoder since 6.2, as you probably know, it’s now Intel-Mac compatible. And you can preview your video by clicking on a setting on … Continue reading

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Affiliate Spam: UCSB Department Geography Discussion Board Exploited

It is true that affiliate spam exploitations against the websites of American colleges and universities have decreased substantially in the past few weeks. But their websites are still targeted by the notorious affiliate spam group.

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DivX Pro 6.7 for Mac Released

v DivX, Inc. has released a new version of DivX software package for Mac users. DivX package contains DivX encoder and decoder components for QuickTime, DivX Player and DivX Converter. More specifically, the software package contains

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Adobe Labs: Adobe ColdFusion 8 Public Beta Available

Before releasing a retail version, Adobe Systems Incorporated has made a beta version of Adobe ColdFusion 8 available through Adobe Labs. By logging into a free Adobe account, anyone can download this beta copy. Click on the button for more … Continue reading

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