What’s Coming Up Next? – MacHouse Introducing Water Stamp

iOS software iPad Water Stamp

TOKYO (MacHouse) – So far, we’ve released three iOS application this month. Two of them are already available at Apple‘s iTunes Store. The last one is still hanging in the review process. Well, we are ready to introduce the 4th application of the month. It’s called Water Stamp.

iOS software iPad Water Stamp   iOS software iPad Water Stamp

Water Stamp isn’t exactly a unique iOS application. It’s just an iPad application that lets you watermark pictures. It is certainly different from traditional watermarking applications available for desktop computers, though, since Water Stamp lets you position the watermark text label with your finger. It is also rich in features as you can use Water Stamp to rescale saved pictures and e-mail them as e-mail attachments. Because the application uses a rescaled watermark label on a rescaled picture, you can work on large pictures like ones with 4,320 x 3,240 pixels with no problem.   Continue reading

What’s Coming Up Next? – MacHouse Introducing Mirror2D for iPad

iOS software iPad Mirror2D

TOKYO (MacHouse) – It’s not even half past the month, but we are ready to introduce the third iOS application of the month. This new release is called Mirror2D.

iOS software iPad Mirror2D   iOS software iPad Mirror2D

Mirror2D is an iPad-only iOS application that simply lets you create a reflection image. There are two sources of picture files that Mirror2D can have access to. By touching the Photos button, Mirror2D will access the Photos library where pictures that you have taken with Apple’s Camera are stored. If you transfer files to your device through iPhoto/iTunes, those files will also be saved in the Photos library folder. Secondly, you can extract images that are located in the sandbox-protected folder allocated to this application through iTunes by touching the Application button. Once you load a picture, you have three settings to configure. Use the height slider to control the height of a reflection image. The second slider lets you control the opacity level of a reflection image. Finally, use the third one to apply a blur filter to a reflection. Furthermore, you have an option of saving both the source part and the reflection part or only the reflection part as an image (PNG or JPEG). When you finally tap the Save button, Mirror2D will export an image with its alpha channel retained, of course, provided that you choose PNG as an export format and the opacity level is lower than 100.
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What’s Coming Up Next? – MacHouse Introducing Video2Img for iPad

iOS software iPad Video2Img

TOKYO (MacHouse) – We’ve had a good start this month. Now, we are ready to introduce the second iOS application. This new software release is called Video2Img. Well, the application name is quite descriptive. Yes, it’s an application that you can use to take movie screenshots.

iOS software iPad Video2Img   iOS software iPad Video2Img

Video2Img is an iPad-only application that lets you take a movie screenshot with a simple tap on a button. All you have to is move the play head to find a frame. Then just tap a button. You don’t have to worry about naming screenshot files. If you enable the auto-numbering feature, Video2Img will automatically name your movie screenshots such that it will never overwrite existing files. Turning on the Watermarking switch, you can let the application automatically watermark your movie screenshots.   Continue reading

What’s Coming Up Next? – MacHouse Introducing Texturesque for iPad

iOS software iPad Texturesque

TOKYO (MacHouse) – Last month, we were a bit slow and released only two applications. This month, we already have a new iOS application to introduce to you. Remember the last software release? It’s QuickPie. After watching a background texture pattern on a pie chart, I said to myself “Hmm… Maybe, I can create a small app to randomly generate texture patterns.” Now, we have a new iPad application to talk about. The new software title we’ve just submitted to Apple‘s iTunes Connect is called Texturesque.

iOS software iPad Texturesque   iOS software iPad Texturesque

As mentioned earlier, Texturesque is an iOS application that lets you randomly generate texture patterns. All you have to do is tap the CREATE button, and Texturesque will instantly create a texture pattern. The initial installment only lets you generate one texture pattern at a time. With an in-app item, you can generate as many as 1,000 patterns at a time in a matter of several seconds or less. Select a texture pattern in the table and tap its disclosure indicator, and you can save the texture pattern as a PNG image, which you can extract through a desktop computer installing iTunes. Continue reading