Roxio Releasing Toast Titanium 9.0.2 Update

Roxio Toast 9 Titanium Mac

TOKYO (MacHouse) – The developer of popular file backup software for Mac has released a software update for Toast Titanium 9. According to Roxio, 9.0.2 update will resolve

  • “a number of encoding issues related to high-definition source content and creation of Blu-ray video discs”
  • the “situation where high-definition DVDs would not play back on PlayStation 3”
  • “a number of TiVo related audio/video sync issues”

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    Software Review: WhoIs Analyzer Pro (Mac & Windows)

    WhoIs Analyzer Pro Mac Windows
    Mac software review

    As the name suggests WhoIs Analyzer Pro, which is available for Mac OS and Windows OS, lets the user to look up WhoIs information on a particular domain. This introduction will probably not convince anyone that he or she needs it beyond what they already have. For example, Mac OS comes with Network Utility. There are a couple of features that might convince you that WhoIs Analyzer is better than Network Utility. No. 1, you can look up network company’s WhoIs with its autonomous system number (ASN). No. 2, you can save WhoIs information in HTML.

    What is WhoIs information, anyway? If you don’t run a website, you may not know what it is. Simply stated, it’s just a domain registration and nothing else. When you register a domain, your domain registrar requires that you provide your address and phone number. And this information will be freely accessible through InterNIC, an organization operated by ICANN. ICANN is a private organization licensed by the U.S. Department of Commerce. Continue reading

    Microsoft Entourage 2008 for Mac – Transferring Data from 2004 to 2008

    Microsoft Entourage 2008 for Mac

    The objective of this 5-minute video tutorial is to show how to transfer mail data from Entourage 2004 to 2008. This short tutorial may be beneficial to those who want to reinstall OS X 10.4 or to newly install OS X 10.5 before installing Microsoft Office 2008. Anyhow, you should back up certain files before installing Entourage 2008 if you already have Entourage 2004. Continue reading

    Popular Mac Software Titles That Can Give You Nightmares

    Mac software

    There are tons of nice software titles for Mac OS. Occasionally, we see bad ones, too. Maybe, they are badly programmed. In the meantime, the source of a series of nightmares doesn’t have to be software itself. If you sign up to download a trial version, chances are that they will send you annoying newsletters by e-mail even after the trial period is over. Continue reading

    An Organized iTunes Scam Website Hosted at a Canadian Web Hosting Company

    anti spam

    TOKYO (MacHouse) – More than 17 hours ago, an organized spam terrorist group sent out at least 3 copies of an e-mail message. (See Screenshot 01.) Sender’s e-mail address is shown as The title of the message is shown as ‘Download New Version of iTunes.’ If he or she clicks on any of the links shown in the message, the mail recipient will eventually reach a website looking as if it were an official iTunes download site.

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