Got Movies? – MacHouse introducing Movie2Browse

Mac software Movie2Browse

TOKYO (MacHouse) – Just released is a new software title called Movie2Browse. Movie2Browse is a successor of mBrowser, a freeware title that we first released about 2 months ago. Movie2Browse is not just an application that allows the user to catalog movie files. It’s a versatile multimedia application that allows the user to convert movies into AVI, FLV, WMV, extract audio, transcode QuickTime movies with different audio/video compressors, generate as many as 999 movie snapshots randomly or sequentially.   Continue reading

Hostage Crisis at MacUpdate – 2 Software Submissions Killed

MacUpdate Misha

TOKYO (MacHouse) – More than 40 hours ago, we reported a hostage crisis at MacUpdate ( to which we submitted two updates of our software products, BookmarksX 1.7.5 and DVD2Browse 1.1.0. It had been almost 60 hours since we made software submissions and feared that they expunged them intentionally or by accident. So we were obliged to contact MacUpdate. The following is a prompt reply from MacUpdate C.O.O. Misha.

According to the content editor working the shift when your submissions came in, neither the web pages of the apps in question nor the version metadata provided in the download links indicated that the new versions were available yet.

It appears that they have indeed expunged our software submissions. We are disappointed to know that MacUpdate has chosen to make our last 2 software submissions disappear whatever the reason was as its competitor VersionTracker has never lost our submissions in the past. Indeed, BookmarksX 1.7.5 and DVD2Browse 1.1.0 are listed at VersionTracker.

So MacUpdate just makes our software submissions disappear like that?

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MacUpdate – Taking Software Submissions as Hostages

MacUpdate Misha

TOKYO (MacHouse) – MacUpdate ( is a popular website for Mac users. It’s a place where software users look for and find what they need and where software developers submit their products. MacUpdate has some unique tools that its competitor VersionTracker ( doesn’t have and make Mac users go back. Whether or not a majority of software users prefer MacUpdate to VersionTracker, software developers don’t necessarily share the same view. In fact, if you ask us, we would answer that we’ve had quite enough of MacUpdate’s harassment. MacUpdate appears to intensionally withhold our submissions. They do lose submissions for sure. They refuse to remove existing software profiles. The worst part is that they will tell you to remove blog articles that you write at your own website. If you refuse, they’ll give you trouble.

More than 15 hours ago, we attempted to update two software titles with MacUpdate. One is DVD2Browser. The other one is BookmarksX. The following screenshots suggest that these submissions would be reviewed ‘within a few hours.’ (See Screenshot 01-2.) These submissions have not been listed at MacUpdate yet. Most likely, they won’t be for the next 10 hours or so. So what has happened to our software submissions?

MacUpdate harassment
Screenshot 01 – Source: MacUpdate
  MacUpdate harassment
Screenshot 02 – Source: MacUpdate
  MacUpdate harassment
Screenshot 03 – Source: MacHouse

And what happened to the submission we made about 4 weeks ago? Back in January 9, we submitted a new software title (Junk-O-Magic) to MacUpdate. After waiting for more than 46 hours, we e-mailed them and asked what was going on. MacUpdate COO Misha replied   Continue reading

What’s Coming Next? – DVD2Browse

Mac software mBrowserX

TOKYO (MacHouse) – Soon to be released is a new software title called DVD2Browse. DVD2Browse allows the user to drag and drop a DVD disc/Video_TS folder onto a drop box. When imported, DVD2Browse will read the data to get DVD information (duration, movie dimensions, aspect ratio, frame rate) automatically, taking a screenshot. Then it will catalog the DVD.

Mac software mBrowserX  

As long as an imported DVD stays on your computer, the user is able to watch it with a click of Mouse. Simply, choose a media player of your choice like VLC Media Player and DVD Player from the Play button. And DVD2Browse will pass the selected DVD movie to your media player.

DVD2Browse is a product of MacHouse.