MacHouse to Release Movie2Shot

Mac software Movie2Shot

TOKYO (MacHouse) – A Mac software product we are currently working on is movie-related again. This product is called Movie2Shot. Hopefully, we can release it in a few days. If you take a good look at the snapshot below, you might get some idea about its main capability.

Mac software Movie2Shot

Movie2Shot will soon be distributed through VersionTracker. But you will never find it at MacUpdate, an evil website where they deliberately throw away our software submissions. They are good at snatching software submissions from VersionTracker, though.

Movie2Shot is a product of MacHouse.

MacHouse to Release Split n Join 2.0

Mac software Split n Join

TOKYO (MacHouse) – Split n Join is MacHouse’s 2nd most selling software title. Split n Join will be back soon with new features and a totally new look. Split n Join 2.0 is a lot easier to use. It will be released in a few days.

Mac software Split n Join   Mac software Split n Join

As far as joining movies is concerned, Split n Join 2.0 will allow the user to save a joint movie as a self-contained one as opposed to an unflattened movie. The same is true for joining audio files. Split n Join 2.0 comes with a better built-in movie player.

Split n Join is a product of MacHouse.

Got the Time? – MacHouse to Release GlobalClockz (Formerly, Global Clockz)

Mac software GlobalClockz

TOKYO (MacHouse) – When you work with international customers, it is sometimes necessary that business owners like us know their local time. There are many time zones. And it will be hard to keep track of their local time when the summer nears because not all countries adopt the summer time adjustment.

Mac OS comes with a widget called World Clock. It’s a great tool. But a problem with it is that it won’t show the date. So you won’t be able to tell what day it may have become after you set a different time zone.

Mac software GlobalClockz   Mac software GlobalClockz

Soon to be introduced is our new Mac software title called GlobalClockz. GlobalClockz will let the user run (non-static) multiple international clocks simultaneously. You will be easily able to tell the date after selecting a new time zone. And you can’t even tell if it’s before or after noon.   Continue reading

Movie2Browse to be Updated

Mac software Movie2Browse

TOKYO (MacHouse) – Movie2Browse is a versatile application that allows the user to catalog movies, generate movie screenshots, convert movies to AVI, FLV, WMV formats, extract audio. Version 1.5, which will be officially released in several hours, will also allow the user to split the selected movie into multiple independent clips. sQTime will let the user split the selected QuickTime-based movie (M4V, MOV, MP4…) into any number of segments, whether it’s 100 or 10,000 of them. Version 1.5 also includes sMKV, which allows the user to split the selected Matroska-container movie into any number of independent clips.   Continue reading