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Apple to End iTunes Deal with NBC

NBC Universal sells popular TV show downloads at Apple’s iTunes store. But both parties say that this contract will end soon. Click on the button for more information on this story.

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Mac Software Review: Screen Mimic 2.1

Screen Mimic is a screen capture shareware title from Polarian Technology. The latest version is 2.1.0. One license costs US$64.95. It’s a relatively expensive solution to screen capturing because the last shareware title we introduced, iShowU from shinywhitebox in New … Continue reading

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Adobe After Effects Sample: Title with Beam Coming Down

This is a very boring and simple After Effects sample we created. Although we are finished with After Effects and are unlikely to make any more video tutorials for it, unless requested, that’s what we do when we are bored. … Continue reading

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Adobe Illustrator Very Simple Tutorial: Designing a Custom Coffee Cup

Last night, I came back home really late. My wife was already at sleep. A cold front came down from Canada. So it was cold. I wanted to have a cup of hot cocoa. I looked for my favorite coffee … Continue reading

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Are There More Games Coming from Electronic Arts?

During WWDC07 in June, Apple and Electronic Arts (hereafter, EA) jointly announced that EA would make 2 games available in July and another 4 games in August for Mac OS. The word has been kept, and the first 4 games,

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