Did FreeMacWare Develop mBrowser?

Mac freeware mBrowser

TOKYO (MacHouse) – Several days ago, I used Google to see if people used our latest software application called mBrowser. A search result showed that a website hosted at the domain of freemacware introduced it. (See Screenshot 01.) And I went there. I immediately noticed that there was something wrong with the way they introduced mBrowser.

Mac freeware mBrowser
Screenshot 01 – Source: Google
  Mac freeware mBrowser
Screenshot 02 – Source: FreeMacWare

Screenshot 02 shows the webpage where FreeMacWare introduces mBrowser. So what is wrong with this picture? We don’t know what this icon is. It’s not ours. But they’ve given their own icon to mBrowser. Oh, who developed mBrowser, anyway? The website doesn’t even mention it. Nonetheless, if you read what’s written there, it does sound like it’s our product. So it does look like FreeMacWare claims they’ve developed it except that we did. Even the README file packed in the downloaded file from their website says we MacHouse developed it. (See Screenshot 03.)  

Mac freeware mBrowser
Screenshot 03 – Source: MacHouse
  Mac freeware mBrowser
Screenshot 04 – Source: FreeMacWare

I Initially thought they were redistributing the software file without our permission. The same README states that no party is allowed to distribute software without our permission. However, Screenshot 04 shows that the file actually originates from our server. So they are not redistributing it. And I must admit that I jumped to a conclusion.

In sum, the way FreeMacWare introduces our software title is shocking, and we hope they’ll stop this kind of disrespectful practice. We don’t know what that icon is. Above all, they don’t recognize us as the developer of the mBrowser when in fact the application and the README file do.

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