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Mac software mBrowserX

TOKYO (MacHouse) – Released as a beta version is mBrowserX. It’s supposed to be an advanced version of mBrowser. Unlike mBrowser, mBrowserX uses ffmpeg to decode video so that Auto shot can be used regardless of the media format. This development project has just started. And we don’t know if mBrowserX will ever become a full-fledged software title.

Mac software mBrowserX  

For now, we want to point out that

  • mBrowserX supports quite a wide range of media formats including MPEG, MKV and WMV.
  • Decoding video is very slow, especially with Matroska-container movies.

  • There is no User’s Guide for mBrowserX yet as it’s still a beta version. If necessary, please read mBrowser’s User’s Guide.

    mBrowserX is a product of MacHouse.

    Canadian Mac User Stalks MacHouse Over Little Disc+

    anti spam

    TOKYO (MacHouse) – The Internet became a dangerous place a long time ago partly because of its anonymous nature. And some people seem to be willing to go all the way because they think their identity is sealed.


    One such example is a Mac user who goes by the name of MACTECHHEAD at MacUpdate. MACTECHHEAD posted a negative review on Little Disc+, our No.1 selling Mac software title, at MacUpdate back in August. This Mac user mentioned some keywords such as


    Let’s remember them. At the same time, we found the exactly same negative review on the same product at VersionTracker. It’s posted by a person who calls himself/herself Born Yesterday.   Continue reading

    ScreenEdit 1.0.5 Released

    MacHouse freeware ScreenEdit

    TOKYO (MacHouse) – MacHouse has updated its video editing freeware title for Mac and Windows to 1.0.5. MacHouse released the initial version of ScreenEdit almost three days ago. ScreenEdit allows users to edit QuickTime movies by cutting, copying, pasting and trimming frames. A unique feature of ScreenEdit is Split, which allows users to split a single QuickTime movie into up to 19 pieces with equal length plus one file with the remaining length.   Continue reading

    What’s Coming Up Next: ScreenEdit

    MacHouse freeware ScreenEdit

    A new freeware application that we are currently working on is called ScreenEdit. ScreenEdit is no match to Apple’s QuickTime Pro. Nonetheless, this application allows users to re-compress movies without the Pro upgrade. It allows users to cut, copy and paste frames to edit movies. Another feature that ScreenEdit supports is Split, with which you can split a movie file into up to 19 smaller ones in equal length.

    MacHouse freeware ScreenEdit

    ScreenEdit will be available soon.

    WPWriter – Freeware Title for Mac and Windows – Debuts

    MacHouse freeware WPWriter

    TOKYO (MacHouse) – MacHouse has released its 4th freeware title of the month. WPWriter is a simple HTML editor that is designed to assist WordPress users to write blog articles easily. WordPress has a built-in visual HTML editor, whose editing area is quite small and cannot be changed. WPWriter gives you flexibility in this respect, and users can expand the editing area up to 2,000 x 1,150 pixels. WPWriter also supports contextual menus and shortcut keys for most built-in functions so that users can minimize their time in writing WordPress articles.

    MacHouse freeware WPWriter

    WPWriter is an HTML editor and nothing more. It is simply intended to assist WordPress users in their writing articles. When you finish writing an article, you still have to use a web browser to access your own WordPress website and paste the HTML code you have created with WPWriter.

    Click on the button to learn more about WPWriter and/or download your free copy. VTC

    WPWriter is a product of MacHouse.
    WordPress is a product of WordPress.Org.