What’s Coming Up Next? – MacHouse Introducing QuickPie for iPad

iOS software iPad QuickPie

TOKYO (MacHouse) – Hmm… It’s been a while since we released the last iOS application. The last one was CalABC. It’s been more than two weeks. Wait, wait! What is QuickPie!? Oh, that’s right. QuickPie is our second software release of the month that we just submitted to Apple‘s App Store just some 15 minutes ago.

iOS software iPad QuickPie   iOS software iPad QuickPie

QuickPie is an iPad application that will let you create pie charts quickly. You can create any number of datasets. Tap the Data button to open a popover menu to select one to load. When you are finished with data, just tap the Chart button. And voila! Tap the Export button at the top to save the chart as a graphic image, which you can retrieve through a desktop computer running Apple’s iTunes (multimedia application).   Continue reading

What’s Coming Up Next? – MacHouse Introducing CalABC for iPad

iOS software iPad CalABC

TOKYO (MacHouse) – Several days ago, I had to go to the tax office to submit papers. After realizing that I made some mistakes, I needed to use a calculator to add up numbers. So I turned on my iPad Mini. Well, that’s when I found out that iOS doesn’t even come with a simple, virtual calculator. We don’t have one. So we build one. And we’ve just submitted the first iOS application of the year. It’s called CalABC.

iOS software iPad CalABC   iOS software iPad CalABC

Well, CalABC is not exactly a simple virtual calculator. It’s an equation solver. So it will solve the entire equation you enter when you tap the equal pad instead of doing a calculation each time you tap the mathematical sign like +, -, * and /. In this way, you can correct a mistake by using the backspace button when necessary.   Continue reading