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If you receive an e-mail mesage with this silly subject line, you know what to do. Just trash it. There is no need to read it. What’s so elementary about this message is the e-mail address. What kind of an idiot representing a legitimate business sends a message with a Hotmail e-mail address? This guy really needs formal education before entering a spam business. This spam ring must be run by a group of teenagers whose IQ levels are as low as those of crocodiles. staatsloterij promotions


anti spam is a spam website that is directly associated with a group of cyber idots who exploit WordPress blogs. And it’s time to put this evil domain to death. If you are a victim, we need your cooperation. And if you don’t act, I can assure you that they will keep sending spam comments to your blog.

MacHouse has destroyed many spam websites in the past. But we cannot destroy because of the language barrier. For those who are familiar with Russian language and Russian social life, we need your assistance. Please contact We don’t want spies. So we need you to mention who you are when you write.

We don’t break laws, and you won’t by cooperating with us. The way we destroy spam websites is described in our video tutotial titled “How to Destroy Spam Websites.”

Click on the button to see the last damage is involved. VTC

Next Victim of Pharmacy Spam Exploitation: Monroe County Community College

anti spam

Many websites of high educational institutions fall victims to pharmacy spam these days. That’s partly because uses of student and faculty websites are unmonitored. Another reason is that school administrators don’t admit the exploitation. If we inform them of pharmacy spam exploitation by e-mail, some of them ignore our kind notice. And many of them show no appreciation to our efforts. Continue reading

Dealing with WMA Files (Mac Only)

Olympus DS-50 Okay. So you have Olympus DS-50, or you have other devices that produce WMA files. So how do we deal with WMA files, anyway? Unfortunately, we Mac people are still surrounded by devices that primarily support Windows OS. As for music, there are many devices that export audio files only in WMA as opposed to MP3 or MP4. And as you probably know, Windows Media Audio or WMA is now the primarily audio format for Windows OS.

In this video tutorial, we shed light on 6 applications and intend to find the best workflow in dealing with WMA files. We have QuickTime, Peak Pro, EasyWMA, Apple’s Soundtrack Pro, Sound Studio and Amadeus II. This video tutorial is designed for Mac users who consider using handheld audio devices like Olympus DS 50 that generate WMA files. After watching this video tutorial, you will find that your Mac can handle WMA with no problem (as long as it can recognize such USB-device). Continue reading