Game Play Video – Running Civilization IV: Colonization with VMware Fusion 2.0

2K Games Firaxis Games Civilization IV: Colonization VMware Fusion

Sid Meier‘s Civilization is definitely one of the most successful game franchises of all time. In the late 1990s, I picked up the Mac version of Civilization II at CompUSA. I had no idea what kind of game it was at first. But I thought ‘Whoa…’ when I played it. I played the game for a few days without a break. When I realized, the Christmas was over. Soon after, I happened to find the Mac version of Call to Power at Best Buy. And when I heard that Civilization III would be released, I couldn’t wait to play it. When I went to Best Buy, there was no long line for it. That was kind of disappointing. Well, I didn’t enjoy playing Civilization III until I played it on my Mac. The best one for me is actually Civilization III: Conquests, which is equipped with incredibly nice music. And Civilization IV? Oh, no… The minimum system requirement was 1.8 GHz G5 or something. And it barely ran on my iMac G5 2 GHz.

Anyway, another Civilization game was released in September 22 from 2K Games. It’s Civilization IV: Colonization. I played it for a few hours on the Windows partition through Boot Camp in order to make a game play video. But when I put the video files in Final Cut Pro, I realized that there was no audio. Something went wrong with the audio function of Windows XP SP3. So I decided to install this PC game on VMWare Fusion 2.0. Does it run? If it does, how smoothly does it run with VMware Fusion? Well, let’s see.

By the way, they say the Mac version of Civilization IV: Colonization may be released. Within this year? You never know when it will be available. We Mac users sometimes wait for 3 or 4 years. Using Mr. Bush’s famous statement as an analogy,

if we know Civilization IV: Colonization runs on the Windows partition and VMware Fusion today, does it make sense for the world to wait for the Mac version?  Continue reading

Mac Version of SPORE Causing Another Fiasco?

Mac PC game SPORE

A week ago, we reported that some Mac users were having a tough time playing EA‘s new game SPORE. Some people even reported problems at Apple Discussions as early as September 8, one day after the game was first released. The game doesn’t launch itself at all for some users. Many users have reported that the game will run for a few days and then now produce debugging errors.

Mac PC game SPORE
Screenshot 01 – Source: Apple Discussions
Mac PC game SPORE
Screenshot 02 – Source: Apple Discussions
Mac PC game SPORE
Screenshot 03 – Source: Apple Discussions

Fortunately, EA issued a game patch in September 18 for PC users. And the Mac patch was released a few days ago, accordingly. (See Screenshot 01.) That indicates that this debugging problem wasn’t specific to the Mac platform. According to SPORE official website, Mac users will get the patch automatically by just launching the game. (See Screenshot 02.) The problem is finally solved, huh? Well… Some Mac users may disagree.  Continue reading

Pure Game Play Video – 01

Pure off-road racing Game Disney Interactive Studios Black Rock Studio

Pure is the latest game published by Disney Interactive Studios. It’s hard to imagine what kind of game it is from this title. And I can tell you that it’s an off-road racing game. If you are a Mac user, good news is that this game is playable on the Windows partition through Boot Camp.

When you first start off, you will realize that you cannot use your Mouse to play the game. The game control must all be all done from the keyboard. There are many buttons to control. You have to use both hands on the keyboard. Inevitably, the learning curve is a little higher compared with other racing games. You can perform tricks after you jump off. And you then have to move the weight center of the game character for a safe landing. That’s the tough part for beginners. But I got to used to shifting weight just after playing 20 minutes or so.  Continue reading

Crysis Warhead Game Play Video 02

Mac game Boot Camp EA Crysis Warhead

The following QuickTime movie is a game play video of Electronic Arts‘ latest game Crysis Warhead. The game was released in September 16. Crysis Warhead is a stand-alone sequel to 2007 Crysis, which was developed by Crytek Studios. So you need not have the original game to play this sequel.

Okay. I admit that I screwed up in the first game play video. There was no way I could destroy the machine gun vehicle parked at the top of the hill. In the second game video, I first go back to the last battleground to get additional weapons. I need a bazooka or something to destroy that vehicle, right? Or land mines?  Continue reading