What’s Coming Next? – mBrowserX

Mac software mBrowserX

TOKYO (MacHouse) – Released as a beta version is mBrowserX. It’s supposed to be an advanced version of mBrowser. Unlike mBrowser, mBrowserX uses ffmpeg to decode video so that Auto shot can be used regardless of the media format. This development project has just started. And we don’t know if mBrowserX will ever become a full-fledged software title.

Mac software mBrowserX  

For now, we want to point out that

  • mBrowserX supports quite a wide range of media formats including MPEG, MKV and WMV.
  • Decoding video is very slow, especially with Matroska-container movies.

  • There is no User’s Guide for mBrowserX yet as it’s still a beta version. If necessary, please read mBrowser’s User’s Guide.

    mBrowserX is a product of MacHouse.

    What’s Coming Next? – Junk-O-Magic Pro

    Mac software Junk-O-Magic Pro

    TOKYO (MacHouse) – It’s been almost 2 weeks since we released a new Mac software title. Available soon is a new one called Junk-O-Magic Pro. Junk-O-Magic Pro is quite different from the previous one, Junk-O-Magic, that we released 2 weeks ago. Junk-O-Magic covers more than 3 dozen independent components. Some of them come from existing applications. And many of them have been developed just for this application.

    Mac software Junk-O-Magic Pro   Mac software Junk-O-Magic Pro

    As shown in the screenshots above, the entire application is divided into several areas. Such areas include finder, graphics, audio, movie, disc image and miscellaneous.   Continue reading

    What’s Coming Next? – Junk-O-Magic

    Mac software Junk-O-Magic

    TOKYO (MacHouse) – The second Mac freeware title we are about to release this month is called Junk-O-Magic. It consists of more than 10 components, most of which are derived from existing applications we’ve developed. If you use it right, Junk-O-Magic can do some quick and wonderful magic tricks. Or maybe it’s just a junk collection of useless applications.   Continue reading