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Left 4 Dead Mac Boot Camp

Remember Francis, Bill, Zoey and Louis from Left 4 Dead? We don’t know if they all survived a series of horrifying zombi attacks last year. All we know is that the game will be back by the end of this year!

According to the game developer, Valve Corporation, they are currently working on Left 4 Dead 2. Again, this time, there will be four survivors with or without original ones, which we are not sure of. The game developer also says that there will be new melee weapons available, which are axe, chainsaw, frying pan and baseball bat.   Continue reading

Left 4 Dead – Game Review, Playing Left 4 Dead with Mac Boot Camp

Left 4 Dead Mac Boot Camp
Mac game review
MacHouse game rating: 8.5/10

Left 4 Dead is an interesting action/horror game published by Electronic Arts. Electronic Arts released the game in North America in November 18. Left 4 Dead was developed by Valve Corporation, the game developer of the hit game series Half-Life.

It’s a game where you fight zombies. If you watch the introductory cinematic video of the game, you will find out that something must have happened two weeks before. Some sort of an infection has transformed people into zombies. It sounds like this game is inspired by 2002 horror movie 28 Days Later…. If you play the single-player game, you will control one of the four characters (Bill, Francis, Louis and Zoey). You can choose any of them, and other characters will assist you.

Left 4 Dead review Mac Boot Camp
Screenshot 01 – Source: MacHouse
  Left 4 Dead Mac review Boot Camp
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By the way, there aren’t many PC/Mac games involving zombies, are there? The only game that I can remember is Stubbs the Zombie. Austin/Texas-based company Aspyr Media released the game for both Mac and PC on November 21, 2005. Left 4 Dead is totally different from Stubbs the Zombie, though. As I remember, the guy you control in Stubbs the Zombie can heal himself at any time by eating people’s brains. In Left 4 Dead, you use a first aid pack, which isn’t always available. And the crucial difference is that you play the zombie in Stubbs the Zombie and fight ordinary people.  Continue reading