What’s Coming Next? – mBrowserX

Mac software mBrowserX

TOKYO (MacHouse) – Released as a beta version is mBrowserX. It’s supposed to be an advanced version of mBrowser. Unlike mBrowser, mBrowserX uses ffmpeg to decode video so that Auto shot can be used regardless of the media format. This development project has just started. And we don’t know if mBrowserX will ever become a full-fledged software title.

Mac software mBrowserX  

For now, we want to point out that

  • mBrowserX supports quite a wide range of media formats including MPEG, MKV and WMV.
  • Decoding video is very slow, especially with Matroska-container movies.

  • There is no User’s Guide for mBrowserX yet as it’s still a beta version. If necessary, please read mBrowser’s User’s Guide.

    mBrowserX is a product of MacHouse.

    inVIZible – Freeware Title for Mac – Debuts

    MacHouse freeware inVIZible

    inVIZible is a new Mac freeware title developed by MacHouse. If you want to manually protect important files, then the best you can do is to lock them. (Open File Info.) Or you can use some Mac utility applications like OnyX to make them invisible. But what if you forget the locations of these invisible files/folders? It won’t be wise to lose sight of important files in this way.

    inVIZible allows users to keep track of visible and invisible files (and folders as well for inVIZible 1.0.1). Simply, drag and drop files and folders, one at a time. If a file or folder is visible, then click on ‘Hide.’ If it’s already invisible, then click on ‘Unhide.’   Continue reading

    inVIZible Coming Soon…

    MacHouse freeware inVIZible

    During a tough of time of your life, you might have said to yourself “I could just disappear. But I can’t.” That’s right. You might feel a little bit better, though, by making some of your Mac files disappear when in fact they exist. If so, try using inVIZible.

    MacHouse freeware inVIZible

    inVIZible is a new freeware title developed by MacHouse. inVIZible lets you organize visible and invisible files for security purposes. All you have to do is drag and drop visible or invisible files one by one on the application window. Then click on the ‘Hide’ or ‘Unhide’ buttons.

    inVIZible is a product of MacHouse