Pure Game Play Video – 01

Pure off-road racing Game Disney Interactive Studios Black Rock Studio

Pure is the latest game published by Disney Interactive Studios. It’s hard to imagine what kind of game it is from this title. And I can tell you that it’s an off-road racing game. If you are a Mac user, good news is that this game is playable on the Windows partition through Boot Camp.

When you first start off, you will realize that you cannot use your Mouse to play the game. The game control must all be all done from the keyboard. There are many buttons to control. You have to use both hands on the keyboard. Inevitably, the learning curve is a little higher compared with other racing games. You can perform tricks after you jump off. And you then have to move the weight center of the game character for a safe landing. That’s the tough part for beginners. But I got to used to shifting weight just after playing 20 minutes or so.  Continue reading