What’s Going on with Psystar Now?

Psystar Coporation

TOKYO (MacHouse) – Some 2 years ago, the name of Psystar Corporation, a computer retailer & manufacturer from Florida, USA, came out of nowhere and caught the attention of Mac users and the media over the Internet. Psystar sold computers, which they called Open Computers, with Mac OS pre-installed. Their idea was that users should be allowed to install any OS on any computer. But Apple, Inc. prohibits others from installing Mac OS on computers that are not manufactured by the company. Apple sued Psystar in July, 2008. And Psystar countered-sued Apple. One of the Psystar’s claims was that Apple engaged in tying contract, introducing part of federal anti-trust law, Clayton Antitrust Act, to the case. Nonetheless, the court ruled in November, 2009 that Psystar had violated Digital Millennium Copyright Act and then that the company violated Apple’s copyrights.

So what’s up with Psystar now? Do they still sell Mac clone computers?   Continue reading