How MacUpdate Misrepresents MacHouse over Movie2Shot

Mac software Movie2Shot

TOKYO (MacHouse) – Movie2Shot is a Mac software product we first released in March 25th. So it’s about 3 weeks old. Some 15 hours ago, we officially released Movie2Shot Version 1.3.0.

Just about an hour ago, we wanted to know how other websites talk about Movie2Shot. So we asked Google about it. And we were a bit shocked with the search result. The very top search hit was found at MacUpdate. (See Screenshot 01.) Hmm… That is odd. We haven’t even submitted Movie2Shot to MacUpdate. So why is it there? In fact, we don’t even visit MacUpdate. One of us made the last visit probably some 2 weeks before. Anyway, clicking on Google’s top search result, we were shocked more.   Continue reading