Got the Time? – MacHouse to Release GlobalClockz (Formerly, Global Clockz)

Mac software GlobalClockz

TOKYO (MacHouse) – When you work with international customers, it is sometimes necessary that business owners like us know their local time. There are many time zones. And it will be hard to keep track of their local time when the summer nears because not all countries adopt the summer time adjustment.

Mac OS comes with a widget called World Clock. It’s a great tool. But a problem with it is that it won’t show the date. So you won’t be able to tell what day it may have become after you set a different time zone.

Mac software GlobalClockz   Mac software GlobalClockz

Soon to be introduced is our new Mac software title called GlobalClockz. GlobalClockz will let the user run (non-static) multiple international clocks simultaneously. You will be easily able to tell the date after selecting a new time zone. And you can’t even tell if it’s before or after noon.   Continue reading