Software Review: WhoIs Analyzer Pro (Mac & Windows)

WhoIs Analyzer Pro Mac Windows
Mac software review

As the name suggests WhoIs Analyzer Pro, which is available for Mac OS and Windows OS, lets the user to look up WhoIs information on a particular domain. This introduction will probably not convince anyone that he or she needs it beyond what they already have. For example, Mac OS comes with Network Utility. There are a couple of features that might convince you that WhoIs Analyzer is better than Network Utility. No. 1, you can look up network company’s WhoIs with its autonomous system number (ASN). No. 2, you can save WhoIs information in HTML.

What is WhoIs information, anyway? If you don’t run a website, you may not know what it is. Simply stated, it’s just a domain registration and nothing else. When you register a domain, your domain registrar requires that you provide your address and phone number. And this information will be freely accessible through InterNIC, an organization operated by ICANN. ICANN is a private organization licensed by the U.S. Department of Commerce. Continue reading