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For Mac users, VersionTracker and MacUpdate were two major websites where they could learn about software updates for Mac. CNET acquired VersionTracker a whole ago. And VersionTracker has now been fully incorporated into DOWNLOAD.COM as its Mac division.

If you have ever made a software submission at VersionTracker during its transition period, you probably know that you had to do it through UPLOAD.COM. Since VersionTracker has transformed itself into the Mac division of DOWNLOAD.COM, you now have to submit updates through this upload website.

We knew there were problems at UPLOAD.COM during the transition period. They still have the same set of problems. It’s actually worse. The biggest problems are

  1. While filling out a software submission form, you can be redirected to an address that doesn’t exist. In such event, whether you press the Go Back button on your web browser or not, you will be redirected to the first page. So you will be forced to start over the whole submission process.
  2. When you upload a software screenshot, UPLOAD.COM can actually assign somebody else’s screenshot to your submission. If you start over the whole process, they can end up assigning the same wrong screenshot to your submission.   Continue reading