Interview with TransGaming Technologies


The following is an interview with TransGaming Technologies (hereafter, TransGaming), a Canadian software company, which is well-known for its Cider Portability Engine among Mac users. TransGaming’s Cider Port technology is used to dual-release EA‘s hit game SPORE for Mac and PC. One of the latest games using Cider Port technology is Prince of Persia: The Two Thrones. Moreover, TransGaming runs the website at to sell the digital version of Mac games online.

This is not the result of a live interview. Rather, MacHouse submitted an interview questionnaire sheet to TransGaming by e-mail beforehand. The contact person at TransGaming is VP of Marketing. We initially requested an interview in September and received their reply by e-mail from Marketing & Business Development in October 28. We did not submit counter-questions. We did edit some parts of their reply only upon their request.  Continue reading