Privacy notice

Last updated: September 17, 2012

Identifiable Private Information

MacHouse does not collect information provided by its visitors in order to give or sell it in any way. MacHouse, however, may use such information to analyze collective patterns of its visitors. Furthermore, MacHouse does not and will not send and has never sent messages collectively to the e-mail addresses that have been gathered by running its websites for the purposes of website and product promotions or inquiries. MacHouse may send inquiry-based messages to resolve problems with individual visitors.

MacHouse records IP addresses only for security purposes. Therefore, we, MacHouse, do not and will not give or sell such identifiable private information to any individual or company for any reason with the exception that AUTHORITATIVE BODIES SUCH AS POLICE AND NATIONAL COMMUNICATIONS AGENCIES REQUIRE US TO BY LAW.

Currently, MacHouse does not require anyone to obtain a login account at any of its blogs. Any visitor who does not wish to reveal its username is, therefore, encouraged to post comments anonymously without logging in. However, such visitor should be aware that his or her footsteps may be recorded in the forms of date, time, visit locations and IP address.

The e-mail addresses and IP addresses of those who post comments will not be viewable to anyone but MacHouse staff.