If you have questions on our software products, we will be happy to answer them. If you want to report software bugs, we will fix them in no time. In the meantime, please don’t forget to include the following in your question.

  1. Software version
  2. OS version (i.e. OS X 10.7.2, Windows 7 Professional 64-bit, Windows 8 RT…) and the system language (i.e. English, French…) that you are running
  3. Computer model (i.e. MacBook Pro 15-inch, Lenovo G570 43348QJ) you are using with
  4. Resources you are using (file sizes, image dimensions, file types…)
  5. How the problem occurred

If you are not sure of your current screen dimensions, for Macs, open System Preferences and click on Display and see which set of resolutions is currently selected.

Finally, to place a comment or a question, please find the right topic. Every desktop application we have has a Help menu, under which you should find a command labeled Application Support or similar. That’s the right place.