Site rule: Last update – May 28, 2018 (US PST)

Welcome. We have very simple rules.

  1. No irrelevant hyperlinks, no advertising – Our blogs have been used by Internet spammers, who advertise their porn sites, online gambling sites and other websites that aren’t necessarily have to do with the subjects of ours. These spammers post a hyperlink or more to lure visitors to their site(s) and run away. If you ever post a comment that is linked to your website or any other website that is irrelevant to the subjects of ours, we will block your IP address instantly and permanently. Likewise, don’t post a comment just for the purpose of advertising a website. No matter how you do it, you will get busted within 24 hours. Once you get caught, your IP address will be black-listed WordPress-wide.

  2. No offensive comments – Please do not post comments that insult particular individuals including website administrators and moderators. Please do not use vulgar language. Writing in a disrespectful manner will not be condone. We surely deserve the minimum level of respect. Making threats will only cause you to lose access to this website.

  3. No piracy talk

  4. Do not post a mere, single or two-line comment like “Hello!,” “OK” with no context. Chinese, Brazilian and Russian comment spammers often use such silly comments to get accepted and then post spam comments.

anti spam

Comments that are in violation of these rules may be regarded as spam and deleted accordingly without ever seeing the light of the day.