Roxio Toast Titanium 7 & 8 Crash Problem and A Solution

Roxio Toast Titanium 7 Roxio Toast Titanium 8

TOKYO (MacHouse) – Several hours ago, we detected a serious problem. Roxio Toast Titanium 8 crashed upon launch! Life without Toast Titanium is unthinkable. It’s possible to open some Toast disk images with DiskImageMounter. But we can’t open the ones that we badly need to use. How about Toast Titanium 7? It crashed as well. Hmm… That’s not good. So we re-installed Toast Titanium 8. And the crash problem persists.

Perhaps, this crash problem is caused by something that we have recently installed. Oh, wait a second… We did install Perian 1.0 several days ago. Or it could be Flip4Mac, which we reinstalled a few weeks ago.

After making numerous attempts in removing files, we found one incompatibility issue of Toast Titanium 7 & 8 with a DivX component (QuickTime component).

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Roxio Toast Titanium is a product of Sonic Solutions.

2 thoughts on “Roxio Toast Titanium 7 & 8 Crash Problem and A Solution

  1. Yo! After some trial and error when I experienced this problem, I removed any file starting with DivX (Encoder/Decoder) from the library/quicktime folder. After booting Toast again, I was able to go through the set up routine. It appears that Toast tries to place its own DivX Decoder file in that folder, and when it encounters an existing file of the same name it dang craps itself.

  2. That’s not surprising. If you end up installing Toast, that means the startup problem has not been solved.

    Did you only remove Divx components or do something else? If you have Perian installed, remove it, anyway. If that doesn’t solve the problem, basically you want to try removing all QT components except the ones that come with QuickTime.

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