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iShowU Mac
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iShowU is a relatively new screen capture shareware title only available for Mac OS. It’s developed by shinywhitebox, a small software company in New Zealand. iShowU is an affordable solution to recording desktop movements. One software license only costs US$20.

iShowU will let you record screen movements and also audio through microphone input. If you want to embed system audio (running sounds in your Mac) in video, you need to install a freeware title called Soundflowerbed from Cycling74’s.

iShowU Mac iShowU Mac iShowU Mac

It’s pretty easy to use iShowU. You just set the frame rate, scale, quality and then the video compressor. It supports all default QuickTime 7 compressors including Apple Animation, DV, H.264, MPEG-4 (Part II), Sorenson Video 3 and so forth. And don’t forget to define the capture position and size. You can click on Edit recording area to manually set the position and size. Then press Command + Shift + #3? No. Press Command + Shift + A. Then the icon appearing on the menu bar will add a red flashing symbol to itself. Finally, press Press Command + Shift + T to end the recording.

Strength of iShowU is its astonishing speed in encoding video. Soon after you stop recording, iShowU will bring the compressed video to the desktop. If you use Vertical Moon‘s Screenography, it could take 100 times longer for the same run time.

Its weaknesses… First of all, you cannot configure video compressor settings. I don’t know how the quantizer is set. It must be set really low for each video compressor. We used iShowU 1.44 to record 3 minutes and 16 seconds of screen movements. The resolution is 1,200 times 900 pixels, and the screen is shrunk to 75%. We eventually ended up with a file of only 114.38 MB. And the video compressor is… It’s Apple Animation. There must be something wrong. I launched QuickTime and opened ‘Show Movie Inspector.’ And the frame rate is set to 10. Well, I actually set it to 29.97 fps. I recorded screen movements several times. Each time I recorded a video, changing compressors from one to another, I ended up with frame rates like 9.75, 12, 20… But I never got 24 or 29.97. It appears that some people report the same frame rate issue at shinywhitebox’s support forums.

iShowU is an affordable solution to recording screen movements for Mac OS. But as far as we tested it, we observed a serious flaw. If you don’t get a frame rate equal to or higher than 24, then you won’t be able to use recorded movies with Final Cut Pro without a trick. People have different system specifications. It’s possible that other users may not experience the same frame rate issue. So you are strongly advised to test it for yourself with a free trial version before purchasing a license.

iShowU Mac iShowU Mac

  • Developer: shinywhitebox (
  • Latest version: iShowU Mac 1.44
  • Prices: US$20
  • MacHouse recommendation: iShowU will not get MacHouse’s ‘Buy-It!’ recommendation because it doesn’t allow the user to control video compressor settings. This final decision also results from the fact that I never got the right frame rate that I set.

    iShowU Mac is a product of shinywhitebox.

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