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Beware of non-transparent costs! Right, they don’t have hidden costs. Or they would be penalized by the FCC. But web hosting providers do use obscure expressions to confuse online shoppers. The most common non-transparent cost (NTC) is … It’s actually the monthly fee. We all know the monthly fee stated on the website is for a one-year sign up. Or… Actually, most web hosting providers indicate the monthly fee for a two-year sign-up. Yes. We were once deceived. So always doubt that the monthly fee stated by the web hosting provider is for a one-year sign-up.

Another non-hidden but non-transparent cost is the number of sub-domains available. Even if they indicate that they have an unlimited number of sub-domains, that doesn’t mean you can use them all. Especially, if your web hosting provider supports vDeck, a control panel, chances that the number of sub-domains that you could use is obscurely stated are very high. Every sub-domain must be pointed to by a folder inside of your public html folder. And they often impose a restriction on this number. And yes… We were once deceived. It’s not unlimited, 20 or even 5, but the number of free sub-domains that we found out could use is only 3!

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