iOS & Swift – Creating a Custom Progress Wheel

iPhone custom slider

TOKYO (MacHouse) – If you want to convince an Apple reviewer that an app that you are submitting to their App Store is something extraordinary, you’ll have to use a unique feature that might surprise or impress them. Maybe, use a custom progress wheel? So I created something a few weeks ago. And I’ve decided to convert it for Swift 3. That’s where I run into a lot of trouble. Well, it’s finally done. So let’s see what my progress wheel looks like.

iOS Swift

Screenshot 1
  iOS Swift

Screenshot 2

My progress wheel consists of eight small circles in slightly different colors. In order to create a rotating wheel like mine, you certainly have to know how to animate UIView. And I use CABasicAnimation for this task since I only intend to rotate the wheel for six seconds. (See Screenshot 2.) As for a view object that encapsulates eight small circles, I have created eight CAShapeLayer objects. That’s all done with a class called CirclesView that I have in my Xcode project.

By the way, as far as eight different gradual colors are concerned, I’ve used a desktop application that I developed just about a year ago. It’s call Text n Colors. I never imagined it would be useful in this sort of situation. GGGGG…

Click here to watch a quick iPhone Simulator QuickTime movie. Just for you to know, the duration of this video is 59 seconds. It shows a wheel with three different sets of colors.

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