iOS & Swift – Making Custom Vertical Menu

iPhone custom slider

TOKYO (MacHouse) – Earlier, I introduced my simple horizontal menu that utilizes a subclass of UIViewController. And I went on to create a vertical menu a few days ago. I always have a design problem. That is, I’m pretty bad at coming up with my own app design. So I went to and found this beautiful design sample. From there, I just started re-writing my UIViewController subclass. Of course, that screenshot looks way better than mine below (Screenshot 1). Well, at least, I’m getting there.

iOS Swift

Screenshot 1
  iOS Swift

Screenshot 2

This time, I’ve used UIScrollView to house 9 tabs. Again, I’m just using a single UIViewController subclass. Also, I’ve installed a button over the navigation bar so that one can show and hide the menu.

Click here to watch a quick iPhone Simulator QuickTime movie.

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