What’s Coming Up Next? – Tom Bluewater Introducing Reflecta 2 for Mac OS X

Mac OS X software Reflecta 2

TOKYO (MacHouse) – Some 40 days ago, an existing application called Pict2RFL was ranked within top 100 in the U.S. under Graphics & Design category. It was quite a surprise because I didn’t even remember that it existed. It’s a desktop application that I submitted to Mac App Store two years and a half ago. In other words, it’s old. Using it to create screenshots for MiPatterns, I thought I could make some improvements. And that’s how I’ve come up with Reflecta 2. Reflecta 2 is a successor to Pict2RFL that I submitted to Mac App Store a few hours ago. It is a desktop application that lets you easily add a mirror image to a picture. 

Mac software Puppet Motion

Source: Tom Bluewater
  Mac software Puppet Motion

Source: Tom Bluewater

What’s new?

  1. The user can now scale the picture they have selected.
  2. The application can handle multiple images at the same time, and one can apply the same settings to all.
  3. It supports the Retina display.
  4. The application comes with a built-in user’s guide with graphics called Quick Tour.

Available at Mac App Store
Mac App Store


  1. Use the drop-down menu over the toolbar menu to scale the picture.
  2. Apply the same settings to all similar images (same dimensions and resolutions) you open and select.
  3. The application supports the fullScreen mode.
  4. The application supports the retina screen. (tested with 2014 2.6 GHz 13″ MacBook Pro)
  5. Languages: English only.
  6. Application file size: 15.3 MB.
  7. The application comes with a built-in 13-page user guide. Choose Show Quick Tour under Reflecta 2 whenever you need to see it.

System requirements

  1. 10.8 (tested with 10.8.5), 10.9 (untested), 10.10 (tested with 10.10.5), 10.11 (tested with 10.11.1)
  2. 64-bit system


  1. If the user has a computer with a Retina display, an exported image will have resolutions of 144 dpi x 144 dpi only if they choose JPEG, PNG or TIFF as an export format. Otherwise, image resolutions will fall back to 72 dpi x 72 dpi. As for a non-retina display, they will fall back to 72 dpi x 72 dpi regardless of original resolutions.

Version history

Nothing so far…

Trial/Demo version

Click here to download a trial version. This trial version will remain fully functional for 7 days, starting from the very moment you first launch it.

Video tutorial

There is no video tutorial at this time.

Reflecta 2 is a product of Tom Bluewater.
Apple and the Apple logo are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries. Mac App Store is a service mark of Apple Inc.

2 thoughts on “What’s Coming Up Next? – Tom Bluewater Introducing Reflecta 2 for Mac OS X

  1. the purchased app PICT2RFL a € 1.99 will not work at all.
    Takes the photo off.
    please respond

  2. Excuse me, but please post your comment under the right application article. You are currently posting your comment under Reflecta 2, which is not for sale at Mac App Store yet. If you want us to take a look, we need more information. Please click on ‘Question?’ at the top bar. If your picture’s dimension are smaller than 128 px x 128 px, the application won’t read it. If you need a refund, please contact Mac App Store.

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