Apple iTunes Connect Fiasco Day 5

TOKYO (MacHouse) – Last week, Apple, Inc. updated the developer side of the online store system. It’s called iTunes Connect. Presumably, the new system is supposed to support new features like Hand-off and the app bundle that were discussed during the special event of June 2nd, 2014. What followed the last major system update has been a total fiasco that both affects iOS and Mac OS X users.

It was about 2:40 AM (U.S. PST), Friday, Sept. 5th. We tried to send a software update for TextAround2 to iTunes Connect before a reviewer finds a bug. When we logged in, we noticed major changes over the iTunes Connect system. The web interface looks like that of Microsoft‘s Windows Store. And it’s ugly. It’s terribly difficult to use, which shouldn’t be surprising as we know their existing applications including TextEdit, Preview, iTunes (multimedia application), QuickTime Player have become useless or difficult to use. Apparently, the company cares more about looks than usability. When we deleted the very first software submission of TextAround2 in order to send a new software update to the iTunes Connect server, there was no turning back. Personally, I spent some 60 minutes or more to submit a new binary to the server for review. I felt so dumb because I couldn’t locate the submit button. It turned out that Apple system engineers have totally blew it such that the submission button never appears. For those who have successfully sent an application binary to the iTunes Connect server are also likely to receive an e-mail message stating that they submitted an invalid binary. Also, a message goes around that says

Your app XXX has been reviewed, but we are unable to post this version. For details, or to directly contact the App Review team, visit the Resolution Center in iTunes Connect. Do not reply to this email, where XXX is the software product name.

It’s Day 5. As of today, there is no solution, no explanation, no apology of any simplest form from the big software company. Of course, company’s developer forums (at least for iOS) are flooded with questions and concerns.

As for our software products, two titles have been affected by this iTunes Connect fiasco.

  1. TextAround2 (new software submission)
  2. Image2Go2 (update to 2.2.0)

Until Apple fixes its system, we will not be able to issue software updates. We fear that we won’t see the day light this week.

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