Notice of Reduced Software Support Hours – Aug 29, 2014

TOKYO (MacHouse) – We hereby announce that our software support hours will be reduced, starting on Aug 29, 2014. It’ll start at 02:00 AM (PST), 10:00 AM (London), 01:00 PM (Moscow), 06:00 PM (Tokyo), 07:00 PM (Sydney), 05:00 AM (New York), 06:00 AM (São Paulo). While software support hours are reduced, we will not be able to fix software and send updates to Mac App Store. Our reduced software support hours are expected to last till Wednesday, September 3rd.

It was almost one year ago from today that one of our machines experienced a terrible hardware issue. A defective video card was the cause, and Apple, Inc. fixed this 2011 iMac model with free of charge. But that wasn’t all. Apple hardware people told us that the internal CD drive and one of the audio speakers also malfunctioned and that the motherboard would have to be replaced. There was a sign that there was something wrong with this machine. There was a huge burn on the right-hand side of the display, exactly at the spot where the internal CD drive is located inside. And we were forced to buy a new machine.

iMac 27  

The picture above comes from that new machine we purchased on September 3rd, 2014. 2014? Really!? Yes, that’s not a mistake. It’s not even one year old. When I was developing Blinders, I saw noticeable burns on the lower side of the display. Not again… So we are going to send this machine to Apple, Inc before its one-year warranty wears out. It is only this machine that has a developer certificate, which is required to send software updates to Mac App Store.

Sadly, this isn’t the first Apple product that didn’t last for three years without a repair for us. Only one of our five hardware products from Apple has survived without a repair for more than three years.

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