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Mac OS X software Blinders

TOKYO (MacHouse) – Let’s say that you work for a company. Or there are several people coming by daily. What would you do if you have to leave your desk for several minutes?

  1. Just several minutes? I’ll leave my Mac as it is.
  2. I have some important stuff. So I’ll turn off the computer.
  3. I’ll put the computer to sleep.

Blinders will give you another option. It’s a desktop application that we submitted to Mac App Store a few hours ago.  

Mac OS X software Blinders   Mac OS X software Blinders

Blinders is a quick-and-easy solution to protecting your desktop while you are absent. It’s a status-menu application that lets you pull down virtual blinds so that it will completely cover the desktop except the menu bar and the Dock. You can set up a user password so that you will be the only one that can pull them up or quit the application while virtual blinds are effective. What if somebody accesses the Dock to read your Mail messages? With your choice, Blinders can access the built-in iSight camera on your Mac to capture snapshots when a curious individual switches from this application to another while you are away. You can then browse iSight snapshots, saving one or more of them as JPEG files.

Available at Mac App Store
Mac App Store


  1. Choose one of thirty (30) virtual blinds styles.
  2. Prompt or not prompt a user for your password when they try to pull up virtual blinds.
  3. Prompt or not prompt a user for your password when they try to quit the application with virtual blinds lowered.
  4. With virtual blinds lowered, take or not take snapshots through the built-in iSight camera on your Mac when a curious individual switches from this application to another.
  5. Choose one of six date formats, based on which iSight snapshots are listed.
  6. Through application’s status menu, quickly find out how many iSight snapshots have been taken.
  7. The introduction window gives you a 6-page quick tour over how the application works.
  8. Encrypted user password
  9. Languages: English only.
  10. The application supports the Retina display.
  11. Application file size: 12.8 MB.
  12. The application comes with a complete user’s guide written in English. (Choose Help > User’s Guide.)

System requirements

  1. 10.7 (tested with 10.7.5), 10.8 (not tested), 10.9 (tested with 10.9.4), 10.10 (tested with 10.10)
  2. 64-bit system


  1. The only graphic format that the user can use to save a security snapshot is JPEG.
  2. The application window is not resizable. It cannot be put to the fullscreen mode.
  3. The Snapshots window is not resizable.
  4. There is no protection if a curious individual force-quit the application to access the desktop.
  5. In order to choose Help > User’s Guide and Application Support, you must have application’s main window present.

Version history

1.1.1 (December 10, 2014)

  1. Fix: The snapshot count of the status menu was not updated after the user deleted one or more snapshots.
  2. Fix: When the user selected Open Snapshots from the status menu, the command in question was not disabled.

1.1.0 (October 24, 2014)

  1. The user now has options of making or not making sound when you roll up/down blinds.
  2. Additional six blinds styles are added.
  3. A few additional minor fixes are done.

1.0.5 (August 31, 2014)

  1. The user can now click on the dates column of the snapshots window to reorder snapshots.
  2. Fix: The main application window could fail to appear if the XML file that stores window’s rect information is corrupted. The application will set its main window at the center of the screen if this XML file is blank.
  3. Fix: The measure that the application took in detecting one or more space letters was not sufficient.

1.0.2 (August 24, 2014)

  1. Fix: Two status menu commands shared the same shortcut key.
  2. Fix: The application did not bring itself to the front when the user lowered virtual blinders, possibly causing the application to capture iSight snapshots, if it was not already at the front.

User’s guide

Application user’s guide is available (only in English). Click here to access it online.

Trial/Demo version

Click here to download a trial version. It will remain fully functional till August 30th, 2014. You can still use it after this expiration date by configuring your system clock back to a time earlier than the trial expiration date.

Video tutorial

There is no video tutorial available for this application.

Blinders is a product of MacHouse.
Apple and the Apple logo are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries. Mac App Store is a service mark of Apple Inc.

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