iView MediaPro Updated to 3.1.3

iView MediaPro Mac

Popular media catalog developer tool has been updated to 3.1.3 with several bug fixes.

What is iView MediaPro? A decade ago, there was a catalog tool called Kudo, which died when the Mac OS moved to OS X. Kudo allows users to create image/photo libraries. Then anyone can browse them with the free version of software for read-only purpose. In a sense, Kudo had the same concept as Adobe Acrobat and Reader. iView MediaPro, which is developed by iView Multimedia, Ltd., works in the same way. iView MediaPro is used to create catalogs. Then anyone can view them with the free version of software called iView Catalog Reader. iView MediaPro not just catalog images/photos but also audio files, icons and more.

iView Multimedia has been purchased by Microsoft Corporation.

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