What’s Coming Up Next? – MacHouse Introducing Desknize Standard for Mac OS X

Mac software Desknize Standard

TOKYO (MacHouse) – We are a bit slow this month. The last software release, Desknize Standard, cost us about two weeks. Meanwhile, some eight hours ago, we managed to submit the second software release of the month to Apple, Inc.‘s Mac App Store. This application is called Desknize Standard.

Mac software Desknize Standard   Mac software Desknize Standard

Desknize Standard (hereafter, Desknize) is a small application that lets you clutter your desktop picture with your favorite photos. You pick a desktop picture to clutter. And you select and open some photos, which will be automatically scattered around the former randomly. Play with Desknize and post some family photos on your desktop. You can always go back to your desktop picture with a click on a button.  


  1. Let Desknize remember the pictures you’ve selected and opened last time.
  2. Let Desknize scatter your photos around the desktop picture randomly.
  3. Click on Create Desktop Picture toolbar button as many times as necessary to create a satisfactory desktop picture.
  4. Click on the Set button to go back to the original desktop picture.
  5. Language: English only.
  6. The application supports the Retina display.
  7. Application file size: 1.3 MB
  8. The application comes with a complete user’s guide written in English. (Choose Help > User’s Guide.)

System requirements

  1. Mac OS X 10.7 Lion or higher
  2. 64-bit system


  1. A picture must have at least 10 x 10 px in dimensions
  2. A desktop picture you create only applies to the main screen.
  3. Only supported image formats to read are BMP, GIF, JPEG, JPEG 2000, PDF, PNG, PSD, TIFF.
  4. The user has no control over such properties as the rescale rate of each scatter picture, the border size, border color, shadow color.

Version history

Note: Release dates are ones when updates are announced here, not when updates are actually released at Mac App Store. We make no promise that they will be accepted by iTunes Connect and then released at Mac App Store.

Nothing so far…

Trial/Demo version

There is no copy of software for evaluation purpose at this time. Meanwhile, if you regularly review Mac software, you may be eligible for receiving free coupon codes, which can be redeemed at Mac App Store. Click here for more information.

Desknize Standard is a product of MacHouse.

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