What’s Coming Up Next? – MacHouse Introducing Color2Select

Mac software Color2Select

TOKYO (MacHouse) – One small feature that has long been supported by Mac OS is the ability to color-label files and folders. In fact, I have a folder full of color-labeled files and folders as shown below. How can I select ones with a particular color with just a click on a button? Maybe, manually? Well, not any more…

Windows software Color2Select   Windows software Color2Select

Color2Select is a small Mac desktop application that lets you select files and folders with the same color label with a click on a button. Simply, drag and drop a folder containing files and folders to select onto application’s drop box. Then choose Files, Folders or Both. Finally, click on one of the color buttons. Voila! You’ve saved several seconds of your valuable time. By the way, Color2Select is currently available as a freeware title.

Click on the button for more information on Color2Select. VTC

Color2Select is a product of MacHouse.

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