Mac Developer Program Extending Sandboxing Deadline to June


TOKYO (MacHouse) – Apple, Inc. was scheduled to enforece Desktop Police Act last November. It was then postponed till this March. Today, the company has officially announced that they are going to postpone the sandboxing requirement till this Jone. That is, all software submissions to Apple’s Mac App Store be sandboxed after June 1st. Today’s e-mail letter from Mac Developer Program says

We have extended the deadline for sandboxing your apps on the Mac App Store from March 1st to June 1st to provide you with enough time to take advantage of new sandboxing entitlements available in OS X 10.7.3 and new APIs in Xcode 4.3.

Apple’s move in extending the deadline again is not surprising. Mac Developer Program has created a dedicated forum just for those who have trouble sandboxing their applications. And it’s been flooded with questions and worries. We won’t go in details since the contents of this forum are sealed with Apple’s Nondisclosure Agreement.

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