What’s Coming Up Next? – MacHouse Introducing Img2Drop

Windows software Img2Drop

TOKYO (MacHouse) – We thought QuickKut would be the last software release of the month. We were wrong. In fact, a new software title that we’ve just released turns out to be the largest Windows project we’ve worked on so far. This new Windows software release is called Img2Drop.

Img2Drop is somewhat similar to our existing Mac software title called Image2Go except that the former is a lot better. Img2Drop is a quick solution to processing multiple image files at a time. What makes Img2Drop better than Image2Go? Img2Drop comes with a preview screen. If you import a sample picture, you can visually work on it to your satisfaction. Finally, just drag and drop one or more image files onto the drop box at the bottom.

Windows software Img2Drop   Windows software Img2Drop

Just as other Windows software titles, Img2Drop is offered as a beta version. And you can use it with no restrictions till February 1, 2012. It’s been tested for Windows 7 64-bit. Though untested, it should also run under Windows 7 32-bit.

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Img2Drop is a product of MacHouse.
Condoleezza Rice is not an official mascot of MacHouse.
Windows is a product of Microsoft Corporation.

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