Mac App Store Rejects Software Update for T-Styles

Mac software T-Styles

TOKYO (MacHouse) – T-Styles is a simple Mac software title that allows the user to store text styles (text color, font, text sizeā€¦). We released it at the end of May this year. And it’s currently for sale at Mac App Store. Furthermore, we submitted a software update for T-Styles a week ago.

Mac App Store T-Styles
Screenshot 1
  Mac App Store T-Styles
Screenshot 2

Today, Mac App Store rejected the latest software update for T-Styles. The following is what they say. “When the user attempts to enter a hex value in the color field, the entry is not recognized.” (See Screenshots 1 and 2.) This reviewer thinks that the application is designed such that it will automatically change the selected color when the user changes the hexadecimal value manually. If the application doesn’t work in their way, they just reject it by saying “That a software bug.” Well, we have never stated anywhere that’s how the application works. It appears that existing users will never get the latest software update.

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