MacUpdate Flooded by Spam Suggesting Chinese Product Website


TOKYO (MacHouse) – If you are a Mac user, you should have heard of a web site called MacUpdate. It’s a very popular web site where you can browse Mac software titles. This web site appears to be currently flooded by Chinese spam. If you enter the information page for a software title called ACLr8, you will see a suspicious site advertisement there. (See Screenshot 1.) This site advertisement is posted by someone who goes by the name of Xiao Mimjj. If you click on his or her icon, you will see the same site advertisement over at least ten applications. (See Screenshot 2.)

MacUpdate spam
Screenshot 1
  MacUpdate spam
Screenshot 2

The web site sponsoring this spam advertisement seems to be run by a Chinese vender. Their web site is located at And its domain registration form suggests that they are from China.

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