Apple’s Over-Police Act of 2011 to Fully Come into Effect in November

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TOKYO (MacHouse) – If you use software applications from Mac App Store, you should know that Apple, Inc. is about to require all software submissions to be sandboxed. The sandboxing technology has been adopted from iPhone. It will simply prevent member applications from accessing prohibited locations. You can easily tell which application is sandboxed by opening Users > User > Library > Containers. If you are using Mac OS X Lion, you should find at least two folders there: and So Preview and TextEdit must be sandboxed.

Mac App Store Sandbox
Screenshot 1

Who should be worried? If you aren’t using sandboxed applications, you have nothing to worry about. If you aren’t using Mac App Store applications, you probably have nothing to worry about, either. But if you use Mac App Store applications, you do have a lot of things to worry about. First, a sandboxed application can misbehave when you try to move its saved file from one location to another. You may have seen that with TextEdit under Lion. Some sandboxed applications will be forced to have some features reduced. For example, DeskPics would no longer allow the user to change the default desktop screenshot export path and file format. (See Screenshot 1.) Why? That’s because DeskPics would have to Shell-edit a file that doesn’t belong to itself, which is not allowed for a sandboxed application. You will probably see some sandboxed application to crash when you try to save a file.

Remember, Mac App Store will require that all software submissions be sandboxed effective in November 1st. Your Mac life will never be the same. Software development will forever be boring. For now, we have no plans of joining Apple’s Over-Police Act of 2011. So most of our existing software titles that are available at Mac App Store will never be updated again.

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