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Mac software DeskControl

TOKYO (MacHouse) – We thought Img4Web was the last release of the month. Hell, we were wrong. The last software release of September (2011) is DeskControl.

DeskControl is similar to Ready2Work. to some extent. It allows the user to change basic system settings quickly. As a software developer, I’m forced to test applications under the Guest account. If you switch to the Guest account, you know that you have to set up your system from a scratch. Opening Finder‘s Preferences to display main volume, external drives, CDs/DVDs, add this folder and that folder to the sidebar, dah, dah, dah… And DeskControl makes switching accounts less stressful.

Mac software DeskControl   Mac software DeskControl

The beauty of this software title is that you can save your system settings in an application file (.dcl). If you just double-clicking on a saved file, you can load your system settings. Then just click on Run. If you switch accounts, you can still use the same saved file to load system settings.

Just as before, DeskControl is distributed as a freeware title. Why!? I’m too tired to submit it to Mac App Store. Besides, we don’t quite get along with them well, anyway. Though it’s a beta version, it’s fully functional and will expire in December 31st. It hasn’t even a day since I started developing DeskControl. So who knows whether or not it has some software bugs?

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DeskControl is a product of MacHouse.

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