What’s Coming Up Next? – MacHouse Introducing Img4Web

Mac software Img4Web

TOKYO (MacHouse) – Apple, Inc. is evil, and we are nearly done with the Mac platform. (And, yes, Mac OS X Lion sucks a big time for software developers.) It will take us another several months to release a Windows software title, though. Till then, enjoy our next Mac software release. This new software title is called Img4Web.

Img4Web is a batch image processor that allows the user to generate thumbnail images out of source pictures. It’s not an ordinary image processor because it will also generate an HTML code to encapsulate source and thumbnail images in a table. A table right below is an example.

Mac software Img4Web   Mac software Img4Web

Img4Web is currently available as a beta release, which anyone can be allowed to use without paying a penny. It will expire at the end of the year. Since it’s a beta release, there’s no User’s Guide. Furthermore, note that this application will not run under Mac OS X Lion. Version 1.1.0b is compatible with Mac OS X Lion. (10/15/11)

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Img4Web is a product of MacHouse.

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