Mac App Store Apps with OS X Lion

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So Mac OS X Lion is out. We’ve tested almost all our software titles that are available at Mac App Store. We regret to inform that at least two of them are unlikely to run under Mac OS X Lion.

  1. FileTidy: The way Mac OS handles the view arrangement of files has changed. We used to press Control + Shift + 3, 4 or whatever under Snow Leopard. It’s now totally different under Lion. It would be easier for us to release a separate update that would run only under Lion. But that’s not how Mac App Store works. To our understanding, Mac App Store applications must run under Snow Leopard and Lion.
  2. QuickMarks: We were going to update this software title. In fact, we’ve submitted an update to Mac App Store. They’ve just informed us that it will crash after the user drags and drops a piece of clipped text onto the drop box once or twice. In fact, they are right. The application doesn’t crash under Snow Leopard. For now, we cannot figure out why it will crash under Lion.

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