Software Updates Compatible with OS X Lion

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Apple, Inc. is expected to release OS X Lion this month. Some of our software titles that are available at Mac App Store may not be compatible with OS X Lion for now. Only after Apple, Inc. releases OS X Lion, we plan to work on software updates to make sure our software titles will all be compatible with Lion. The reason why we work on compatible software updates not right now but after they release Lion is that there is a long list of software titles that Apple, Inc. hasn’t reviewed. The following is a list.

DeskPics (update)
LittleCal Pro
AskKey Pro
Shotgun A to Z (update)
d-d ZoneX (update)
CopyReady (update)
Image2Go (update)
Movie2Shot (update)
VersionsX (update)

At this stage, we cannot even tell when Mac App Store will finish reviewing all software titles and updates listed above. And we cannot tell when they will be ready to work on compatible software updates that we are soon to submit.

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