Mac App Store Rejects CopyReady 2.2.0

Mac software CopyReady

TOKYO (MacHouse) – More than a week ago, we released an update for CopyReady. CopyReady is one of several software titles that we use daily. It’ll give the user quick access to information that they need. It’s an indispensable tool for our software development. Sadly, a Mac App Store reviewer rejected the latest update. The following is what the reviewer says.


Export/Backup writes to Desktop without user consent.
(Preference>Export/Backup location set to Desktop by default)

CopyReady does not force the user to back up application data. It’ll only give the user the ability to do so if they want to back up data. In addition, CopyReady allows the user to set their default export folder. (See the screenshot below) By default, it points to Desktop. Furthermore, CopyReady will proceed to back up application data only when the user chooses Backup > Backup Data. So they want us to point the default export folder to Users > User > Library > Application Support > CopyReady, huh!? There is no practical point of doing so. And we certainly won’t make such a change.

Mac software CopyReady
Source: MacHouse

Dealing with Mac App Store is quite stressful. They reject software submissions for many silly reasons. There have been numerous instances where we lost our interest in developing Mac applications. Their silliness often shocks us. And this case is one of the worst ones. Do you know that Mac App Store will reject any software submission if they mention in the application description that there’s a trial version available?

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