Is Lion Preview Release a Disaster?

Mac OS X Lion Developer Preview

TOKYO (MacHouse) – A few days ago, Apple, Inc. (hereby, Apple) has released the first preview version of Mac OS X Lion for developers. Those who have signed up for one of the developer’s programs should have received an e-mail message for this notification. (See Screenshot 1.)

Mac OS X Lion Developer Preview
Screenshot 1 – Source: MacHouse

If you pay close attention to what’s going on in the past few days at the Developer Forums, there are quite a number of topics under the Installation section. In fact, there have been 16 pages of them at the time of writing this article. (See Screenshot 2.) Many claim that they cannot redeem the coupon they’ve received. Some say they cannot download the preview copy. Others say the download process stopped in the middle. They also say the Finder will constantly crash.  

Mac OS X Lion Developer Preview
Screenshot 2 – Source: Apple, Inc.

By the way, this preview version is released at Mac App Store. It looks like Apple, Inc. has violated its won submission guidelines. According to the company,

2.1 Apps that crash will be rejected
2.2 Apps that exhibit bugs will be rejected

So how did this preview version of OS X Lion end up getting approved in the first place?

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