MacHouse Releasing InfoX

Mac software InfoX

TOKYO (MacHouse) – MacHouse has released a beta version of its latest Mac software title called InfoX. InfoX is a successor of A-Cownts and OrganizeX Lite. InfoX allows the user to manage all sorts of accounts and gives them quick access to generating a random password when they need one. Though its performance is stable for now, since it’s still under development, InfoX is currently available as a freeware title.  

Mac software InfoX

Note that there is no User’s Guide available for InfoX since it’s in beta. Those who have used or use OrganizeX Lite and CST2Manage, however, should find it not very difficult to learn how to manage accounts with InfoX. Also note that users may not be able to pass data from one beta version to another or to a full version.

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InfoX is a product of MacHouse.

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