MacHouse Introducing BlockIPs

Mac software BlockIPs

TOKYO (MacHouse) – Occasionally, a deranged Internet user contacts us and makes near-death threats over little things. Sometimes, they go very extreme over freeware titles. So we are obliged to block some IP addresses. But IP addresses are not descriptive. So by looking at numbers, you may not remember one year from now why you blocked this IP address and that IP address.

Mac software BlockIPs   Mac software BlockIPs

BlockIPs is a simple FTP application that will give you quick access to your remote server so that you can edit an htaccess file offline. BlockIPs comes with a database feature with which you can attach a description and a date to any IP address that you block with htaccess. And you can upload htaccess with a new list of IP addresses to block with just a click of Mouse.

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BlockIPs is a product of MacHouse.

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